No Voice Should Go Unheard

I am an ally to every victim of sexual abuse or medical malpractice.

Support For Victims In Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia

Sexual Abuse

I stand up for children and adults who have been sexually abused or coerced.

Medical Malpractice

I help victims of hospital errors, false diagnoses and other medical mistakes.

Attorney, Advisor And Ally

Here at The Nelson Law Firm LLC, I provide legal and emotional support to people who have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of individuals or institutions. I also help families through the pain of health care providers’ errors and wrongdoings.

You may feel ashamed or scared to speak up if you have been wronged. I understand your hesitation. The fact that you are here is the first step to getting the help you need.

I am more than just a lawyer to my clients. I am an ally in their toughest times.

Share Your Story Without Fear

If you or your child was sexually abused, you are probably lost about where you can turn. An attorney is an excellent guide to have. I know both the emotional struggles and the legal process for handling these situations.

When you come to me, you are protecting your or your child’s well-being, but you are also holding offenders responsible to prevent others from being hurt in the future.

My firm is a safe space to share your story and talk about what to do next.

Take The Next Step To Getting Help

Do Not Be Afraid To Speak Up

As one of the few sexual abuse law firms in Ohio, I am a trusted resource for abuse-related issues.

To set up a free consultation with me, please email me or call my Cincinnati office at 513-665-0014.

I am happy to talk and ease any concerns you might have.